Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Hype


So I was fortunate bean to go to the Olympics on Saturday. My uni contacted me earlier in the week and said that there were spare seats going up for grabs, and whether any students wanted to fill in, I obviously jumped at the chance and was lucky enough to be chosen- go me!!!!

Bad side of it was that I had to be in London for 7 in the morning, which meant I was on a mega bus at 2am- grim. There was a handsome chappy next to me though, so a little bit of eye candy aided the early start.

Also, we weren't guaranteed tickets to any specific event, so it was a little pot luck and grovelling. We were lucky though and got amaaaazzing seats at the Hockey- Belgium v Spain, which was SO much fun! :) Even though I wasn't supporting either team, the atmosphere was electric, and loved doing the mexicano waves and crazy chanting!

The weather was amaaazing (I'm verrryy sun burnt even though I was putting suncream on SOB) which made it so lovely and relaxing to be sat in front of the big screens in the Park Live section with a large pint of Pimms on hand. Was able to see Tom Daley in the morning, and then also saw some of the Hockey later on in the afternoon.

I was also VERY LUCKY and when I was in the Coca Cola Beat Box venue team GB won gold in the canoeing, so for whoever was in the beat box got given a limited edition gold cola bottle! I am so tempted to open it and see if the coke is gold too hahahah! I think I may be disappointed!

I wanted to get some memorabilia from the Olympics, so I got this friendship bracelet from Links of London which could be found in the stores they had across the Park. I think it's really chic, and demonstrates my loyalty to TEAM GB!!! :-)

Everyone there was in such a good mood, especially the staff; they were so chirpy even at 8 in the morning, it was an amazing atmosphere and I was so happy that I was part of it, as it is truly a once in a life time experience. However, I am definitely going to work out a master plan to go to Rio for the next Olympics!

Please share your memories of the Olympics, whether you went to Eton Manor, Hyde Park, watched it at home or the pub... as I enjoy finding out others experiences too :)

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