Thursday, 2 August 2012

Birthday fun in LDN

So this is the first photo of me turning 21, I was such an excited bean, with a dash of a monstrous hangover!! I thought it was a good idea to have a few cocktails the night before which didn't see me getting home til 4am.. I'm not the brightest spark seeing as I was up at 8am, but oh diddums!!

I had NO idea what I was doing for my birthday, as my boyfriend planned it all, and kept it secret- what a meany! But oh my goodness, I was so excited when he told me we were going to Londres to go on the London Eye and to see the epic Hyde Park Olympic Torch Finale!!!

I had a little nap on the train and then I was all raring to go. We made the first mistake of walking to the wrong side of Hyde Park for the concert and ended up walking about 45 mins to the actual entrance; if anyone has been to Hyde Park you'll understand how MASSIVE it is! It was such a hot day that we didn't mind the long stroll, and it made our mega pint of cider even more scrumptious when we finally got there.

I've never been to a family festival, so it was definitely an odd experience getting merry with 5 year old kids running around, but still I had lots of fun, and definitely nearly broke Mike's neck in my drunkness thinking it was a good idea to get on his shoulders and dance like I was bonnnkkkerrrsss!

Highlights definitely included Boris Johnson and his amazing wittiness, the torch arriving at the stage for which everyone went absolutely mental and had an amazing pride of being British (tried to upload a video so you could feel the british love, but it wouldn't upload, sob), oh and of course the headliner mister dizzee rascal...what a rascal..dizzee rascal!! Must say his lyrics are absolutely HILARIOUS. He is such an amazing performer, I have seen him three times before, and he was definitely tame at this gig, compared to others I have seen, but still an amazing, fun, performance from the King!!

Did anyone also go to the Hyde Park torch finale? Or have you done anything to celebrate the Olympics London 2012?

A xxx