Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Miracle Grow

I have become the ripe old age of 21, and decided after at least 6 months to bite the bullet and to begin my lifestyle blog.
I've been urm-ing and arr-ing due to my lack in belief that anyone may be interested in keeping up to date with my antics, however I have become increasingly obsessed with reading other blogs, and now incredibly eager to be part of the blogging world... so I apologise now, I shall promise to not bore you, but please bare with me while I'm getting use to exposing all Aimee.

I shall attempt to not make my first post to the world wide web too lengthy, but of course I'd love to introduce myself and explain what I hope this blog shall be allll about!

Firstly, my name is Aimee, I'm originally from Worcestershire, but have lived the chilly, northern lifestyle up in Chester for the last three years whilst I have studied Law at the University. I have now finished and looking for new adventures, which I'd love to share with all of YOU :) 

So...what to expect? The reason why I chose to begin a lifestyle blog was because I didn't want to centre my blog on just one thing; I love being spontaneous and trying new things out, and therefore I want to share with you anything that may excite me from day to day; my challenge to improve my culinary skills to one day become a Housewife of New York; sipping copious amounts of cider, pretending to be a teen again at small gigs to hunt for new and upcoming artists; having wild fun with fashion.
I also hope through my blog to meet fellow bloggers to find out how others are embracing the trends (if it wasn't for the blog world, I would have never discovered disco pants-god forbid!) I enjoy keeping up with trends, but like to make my twist on it, whether this be DIYing clothing or working it with something not so obvious..

I hope you enjoyed my first post and it is not too cringey or embarrassing, I promise not to waffle incredible amounts in future posts :) I'm hoping to have my next post up in the next few days, which will indulge you in the craziness mexicano whirlwind which was my 21st birthday!!

A xxx

p.s Please don't let me just write to myself every day, I may turn into crazy 10 cat lady!

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