Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Smell me Prada

I've always been a girl to stay loyal to Chanel perfumes as I think all of their lines are utterly stunning, however for birthdays and christmases I'm always being bought various perfumes, so I like to experiment with the different brands. Therefore, I'd like to give you my insight to one that I was bought for my birthday: PRADA: MILANO: INFUSION DE TUBEREUSE.

Recently, I've been using this Prada, which I have to say in my opinion is B-E-A-UTIFUL! :) The notes for Infusion de TubĂ©reuse include tuberose, petitgrain, blood orange and dynamone (an aromachemical with a ‘tenacious faintly amber like odor’), and it’s described as a crisp green floral.
It's definitely got that floral, quite sharp and sweet fragrant, which I do try to find in perfumes. I have never particularly enjoyed spicy smells as I recognise it to be rather old-fashioned!

I'd say this is more of a spring/summer scent, and for the daytime, but on these rainy days I love wearing a summer scent so I don't end up drowning my sorrows by dinner time!!

One disappointment with this perfume: it does hold that crisp smell, but then seems to fade through out the day quite quickly, leaving a lingering quaint smell. I don't particularly like having a distinct smell on me: hate it when someone walks past you and BAM perfume smacks you in the face, so this isn't a mega issue for me, but I guess for people that like to have that sharp, distinct fragrance throughout the day, this bottle will most likely run out pretty speedy!

Please let me know your ulimate favourites and what you've been wearing this season to upkeep the summer loveee!!!

A xxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Hype


So I was fortunate bean to go to the Olympics on Saturday. My uni contacted me earlier in the week and said that there were spare seats going up for grabs, and whether any students wanted to fill in, I obviously jumped at the chance and was lucky enough to be chosen- go me!!!!

Bad side of it was that I had to be in London for 7 in the morning, which meant I was on a mega bus at 2am- grim. There was a handsome chappy next to me though, so a little bit of eye candy aided the early start.

Also, we weren't guaranteed tickets to any specific event, so it was a little pot luck and grovelling. We were lucky though and got amaaaazzing seats at the Hockey- Belgium v Spain, which was SO much fun! :) Even though I wasn't supporting either team, the atmosphere was electric, and loved doing the mexicano waves and crazy chanting!

The weather was amaaazing (I'm verrryy sun burnt even though I was putting suncream on SOB) which made it so lovely and relaxing to be sat in front of the big screens in the Park Live section with a large pint of Pimms on hand. Was able to see Tom Daley in the morning, and then also saw some of the Hockey later on in the afternoon.

I was also VERY LUCKY and when I was in the Coca Cola Beat Box venue team GB won gold in the canoeing, so for whoever was in the beat box got given a limited edition gold cola bottle! I am so tempted to open it and see if the coke is gold too hahahah! I think I may be disappointed!

I wanted to get some memorabilia from the Olympics, so I got this friendship bracelet from Links of London which could be found in the stores they had across the Park. I think it's really chic, and demonstrates my loyalty to TEAM GB!!! :-)

Everyone there was in such a good mood, especially the staff; they were so chirpy even at 8 in the morning, it was an amazing atmosphere and I was so happy that I was part of it, as it is truly a once in a life time experience. However, I am definitely going to work out a master plan to go to Rio for the next Olympics!

Please share your memories of the Olympics, whether you went to Eton Manor, Hyde Park, watched it at home or the pub... as I enjoy finding out others experiences too :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pretty in Paisley

One of the biggest trends this summer has been the paisley print, which I have to admit when I first saw Jessie J on The Voice repping these prints, I wasn't sold. I always remember paisley being a really boring print when I was younger, however when I saw how the highstreet designers were experimenting with this print, I was very pleasantly surprised, and found myself beginning to really like it, especially on the shirts and cute summer dresses.

1. Asos Leggings in Mono Paisley Print £18

2. Jonathan Saunders Boyfriend Tshirt in Bright Paisley £97.50

3. Topshop Paisley Cut out Sun Dress, Was £38, Now £18

4. Topshop Ombre Paisley Pinafore Dress £46

5. Boohoo Polly Paisley Print Shorts £10

I definitely prefer the bolder prints, than the more delicate and detailed, as you may tell in the 'faves' I have chosen. I enjoy the occasion of two trends clashing in both the Jonathan Sanders piece and the Ombre Paisley Pinafore- I think this gives each garment a burst of summer.
I have also become a big fan of the printed leggings recently, I think it can give a large statement on a more relaxed outfit. Also, why not dress it up for a late night with your ladies: these funky leggings, teamed with some big black wedges and a black silky vest top.

There was a blue paisley shirt that I adored as soon as I saw it in Topshop a couple of months ago, but I thought it was too expensive at the time- think it was over £50ish, however you should have seen me try and contain my excitement when I saw it in the sale only a couple of weeks after I first spotted it. Sorry you can hardly see it in this photo, it was the only one I could find of it, as I accidentally left it at my uni house.

This print is hanging about for next season : some more subtle designs, but toning down the bright colours for a more autumn feel, so keep experimenting and let me know what you think of this Persian motif?

A xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Who wants to play SNAPS?

Okay, well we have all watched P.S I love you, which I'm currently doing right now for like the 5th million time, but it never gets old. Oh how it makes me want to go to Dublin and listen to some irish music with a big pint of cider in my hand!

Well, do you remember this clip?
And thinking, HUH? I wanna play!!!

Well, I found out the rules, and I want to share it with you, so we can baffle all our friendlings and have a little chuckle :)

Okay so the topic shall be music artists, and I'm going to do Lana, as in Lana Del Rey.. so here goes!

Basically to make the clues you are working with each letter. So L A N A.
For consonants, you make up a relevant sentence which begins with the letter, and
For vowels, you click (aka SNAP)  "A" is one snap, "E" is two snaps, "I" is three snaps, "O" is four snaps, "U" is five snaps.

So, here goes...
Snaps is the name of the game, the name of the game is Snaps.. Lets go! One snap! Nah you didn't get it! One snap!

Does that make sense?

Even though you know the rules, I shall give some more examples so you can try work them out, and then practice and do it to your friends :) but don't tell them how you work it out first, it's more fun if they are oblivious!!
1. Ready steady go, three snaps, Ha you're rubbish, one snap, nope you silly sausage, NAAHHHT, one snap!

2. Two snaps, lets go, try this, four snaps, not so good at this are you?

Hope you have as much fun with this game as I've done!!! :-D please share some of your ideas!!

Friday, 3 August 2012


1. Topshop Contrast Army Jacket £65
2. Lips Crop Top by Illustrated People £30
3. Nars Holiday 2011 Highlighting Brush £20.50
4. ASOS Top with Peplum £16
5. Rebecca Minkoff Kate Printed Silk-Crepe Shirt £105.75
6. Zara Studded City Bag £59.99
7. Louise Amstrup Sleeveless Top in Liberty Print (ASOS) £95

Yes I have that Friday feeling... the exhaustion and tiredness of a long week, but bring on the lie in that shall occur tomorrow morning! I have extremely enjoyed the Olympics this week, but this evening I am happy to sit in front of the TV with some vintage eps of Friends, and hunt for some fashion beauties to cheer me up, and therefore I have put a little selection of items that has formed my wish list for this week. For future ref, I shall attempt to do this every Friday :)

In this small selection I have found a little variation in summer/autumn to attempt some kind of practicality in the realisation that summer is most likely over, but still having the standard British hopeless belief that there is still some sunshine up there eager to come out to play!

  • I would never have seen myself in this kind of military jacket, however seeing the Zara one featuring in last seasons Made in Chelsea, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised and as soon as I saw this little beauty it has straight away become my number 1 coat to buy! I sense this becoming v.popular in the next month, so I best get buying...

  • This top from Illustrated People is my typical slouch wear that I love to slip on if I'm quickly popping into town, or just chilling at friend's house. I discovered Illustrated People a few years ago and love all the designs they have done in the past for Topshop, but I certainly adore their most recent collection, and definitely recommend you to have a ponder on the site.

  • I have not actually owned this NARS product as yet, but I have used the foundation which I swear by if you like v.good coverage, and I am a BIG fan of highlighter (think it makes such a difference), so really want to give this a go; I've overused Benefit and now want something new to try.

  • This ASOS top is rather similar to the jerseys that have also featured on the Topshop website this summer, they are so comfortable and easy to wear; perfect with some skinny jeans and sandals on a relaxed day.

  • If you find yourself being an absolute babe and following my blog posts, it shall not take you long to find that I am a massive fan of Rebecca Minkoff, I am so eager to jump on a plane to America to buy her whole store as it's a fraction of the price found on the internet. This blouse is so classy and sophisticated, teamed up with a pair of skinny jeans and smoky makeup would look too fit to function! It's also 100% silk, which helps my justification of the price (that's my excuse and I'm keeping to it!)

  • I am a little naughty and have a similar bag to this already that I've had for ages from Urban Outfitters, but I do enjoy a small black bag to go clubbing with, but like it with a little rock n roll edge, which this definitely has! If they say you can't have enough little black dresses, surely you can't have enough little black bags too?

  • I don't think I could particularly justify the price for this vest, as it is just a vest. However it's so stunning and quite a statement piece for the summer, that it definitely caught my eye.

I'd love to hear from you, so please leave comments, oh and Happy Friday! :) Have a fun weekend peoples.

A xxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Birthday fun in LDN

So this is the first photo of me turning 21, I was such an excited bean, with a dash of a monstrous hangover!! I thought it was a good idea to have a few cocktails the night before which didn't see me getting home til 4am.. I'm not the brightest spark seeing as I was up at 8am, but oh diddums!!

I had NO idea what I was doing for my birthday, as my boyfriend planned it all, and kept it secret- what a meany! But oh my goodness, I was so excited when he told me we were going to Londres to go on the London Eye and to see the epic Hyde Park Olympic Torch Finale!!!

I had a little nap on the train and then I was all raring to go. We made the first mistake of walking to the wrong side of Hyde Park for the concert and ended up walking about 45 mins to the actual entrance; if anyone has been to Hyde Park you'll understand how MASSIVE it is! It was such a hot day that we didn't mind the long stroll, and it made our mega pint of cider even more scrumptious when we finally got there.

I've never been to a family festival, so it was definitely an odd experience getting merry with 5 year old kids running around, but still I had lots of fun, and definitely nearly broke Mike's neck in my drunkness thinking it was a good idea to get on his shoulders and dance like I was bonnnkkkerrrsss!

Highlights definitely included Boris Johnson and his amazing wittiness, the torch arriving at the stage for which everyone went absolutely mental and had an amazing pride of being British (tried to upload a video so you could feel the british love, but it wouldn't upload, sob), oh and of course the headliner mister dizzee rascal...what a rascal..dizzee rascal!! Must say his lyrics are absolutely HILARIOUS. He is such an amazing performer, I have seen him three times before, and he was definitely tame at this gig, compared to others I have seen, but still an amazing, fun, performance from the King!!

Did anyone also go to the Hyde Park torch finale? Or have you done anything to celebrate the Olympics London 2012?

A xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Miracle Grow

I have become the ripe old age of 21, and decided after at least 6 months to bite the bullet and to begin my lifestyle blog.
I've been urm-ing and arr-ing due to my lack in belief that anyone may be interested in keeping up to date with my antics, however I have become increasingly obsessed with reading other blogs, and now incredibly eager to be part of the blogging world... so I apologise now, I shall promise to not bore you, but please bare with me while I'm getting use to exposing all Aimee.

I shall attempt to not make my first post to the world wide web too lengthy, but of course I'd love to introduce myself and explain what I hope this blog shall be allll about!

Firstly, my name is Aimee, I'm originally from Worcestershire, but have lived the chilly, northern lifestyle up in Chester for the last three years whilst I have studied Law at the University. I have now finished and looking for new adventures, which I'd love to share with all of YOU :) 

So...what to expect? The reason why I chose to begin a lifestyle blog was because I didn't want to centre my blog on just one thing; I love being spontaneous and trying new things out, and therefore I want to share with you anything that may excite me from day to day; my challenge to improve my culinary skills to one day become a Housewife of New York; sipping copious amounts of cider, pretending to be a teen again at small gigs to hunt for new and upcoming artists; having wild fun with fashion.
I also hope through my blog to meet fellow bloggers to find out how others are embracing the trends (if it wasn't for the blog world, I would have never discovered disco pants-god forbid!) I enjoy keeping up with trends, but like to make my twist on it, whether this be DIYing clothing or working it with something not so obvious..

I hope you enjoyed my first post and it is not too cringey or embarrassing, I promise not to waffle incredible amounts in future posts :) I'm hoping to have my next post up in the next few days, which will indulge you in the craziness mexicano whirlwind which was my 21st birthday!!

A xxx

p.s Please don't let me just write to myself every day, I may turn into crazy 10 cat lady!